About Us

The Dunn Group, with origins in Bus Operations both within Australia and the UK, is comprised predominately of two Australian Bus and Coach manufacturing companies with Custom Bus and Denning. These businesses are the oldest Australian manufacturers, building buses and coaches since the 1950’s, both with a very long and proud history.


(First of 124 Bus Bodies on Leyland Worldmaster Chassis for NSW Department of Government Transport)


(Build No. 383 – The 2nd three-axle Denning Monocoach)


Through many years of operational experience, aided by an industry leading team of engineers, we have consolidated this knowledge to design and produce buses that are uniquely built for Australian Conditions by Australians, and worthy of export to foreign markets.


Utilising stainless steel frames designed & manufactured with a 25-year dynamic lifecycle in mind, our products are engineered through technologies such as, 3D CAD design to develop structural elements, including all internal and external components.



Durability and reliability is tested using finite element analysis software to evaluate structural integrity of bus design and safety. With the latest state of the art equipment, we produce precision laser cut raw materials with our in-house tube and flat lasers, along with CNC folding machinery and robotic welding machines, ensuring consistency from the onset of each and every build.



With commitment to Australian Jobs, for over 60 years, both Denning and Custom have been the benchmark of bus and coach design, and we are committed to investing into the newest technologies for the continued production of market leading buses that provide ease of operation, reduced operator costs, & increased safety and comfort.


For assistance with any of our products and services, please call us on +61 (0)2 9134 3510 or fill out online enquiry form.