To become Australia’s leading manufacturer of buses to the Australasia passenger transport sector, achieved through organic growth, acquisition and product development; supported by our commitment to continuous improvement and investing in our people.


Build innovative high-quality buses by Australians, whilst using advanced manufacturing techniques to continually improve our processes and people.

Business Values

The group is founded on common values which aid our decision making.


  • Empathy and Mutual Respect always with each other, suppliers, customers and the community
  • Safe and Legal always to ensure long-term growth and sustainability
  • Continuous Improvement in product and service through the continuous improvement in people, systems and processes
  • High Quality through continuous improvement
  • Cost Effective whilst delivering a high-quality product and service


These values are guiding principles that underpin our behavior, decision making and interaction with all stakeholders. These guiding principles will differentiate us from our competitors to enable us to achieve our goals and long-term success.