Australian Manufacturing continues at Custom!

Local Australian manufacturing has never been more highly valued than it is today, and for Sydneysiders particularly, you can’t get much more local than Custom Denning!

During the height of Covid-19, Custom Denning made use of the downtime, in completely refurbishing their production plant, installing new equipment, and improving on quality processes and procedures.

The production facility is almost unrecognisable from what it was four months ago, having added four completely new lines with three full bays per line. New cranes have been installed, mezzanine areas built to improve efficiency, fencing and caging has been installed around robot welders for safety, newly painted floors, bays have been lined with new gantries fitted with gas supply, air reels, and racking containing the critical quick turnover parts required for each specific section.

Whilst the refurbishments were taking place, the company simultaneously worked on the implementation of new work processes, tighter controls, increased quality measures and the installation of a completely new parts system that interacts with all the various business units, merging all divisions as one to further solidify the company.

As fate would have it, with space a highly valued commodity at the St Marys production facility, Managing Director Scott Dunn set out in the latter part of 2019 in search of an additional location to alleviate some of the congestion, and to offer the group further expansion.
In November of 2019 a new location, also based in St Marys, was purchased and has been converted to a dedicated manufacturing site for the group.

The facility has been transformed since November 2019, providing the group with some much needed space, and with the Installation of new equipment such as CNC routers, CNC benders, folders, laser cutters, tube cutters, robot welders, and a soon to be installed powder coating works. Custom Denning is slowly increasing its self-reliance by gradually bringing more and more of the work that was once outsourced, under one roof.

Purchase of the new site has enabled the business to broaden its range of specialised products, leading to an increase of skilled labour required, additional training and further employment opportunities for Western Sydney.

Contributing to the local community has always been important to Managing Director Scott Dunn, and he believes strongly in local manufacturing, local production and contributing to Australia’s long term sustainability, hence “Australian Made” is key to stimulating the Australian Economy and a far better option than our money being sent offshore for cheaper inferior products.

After obtaining Australian Made certification in 2019, Custom are intent on further increasing their locally manufactured offerings and indicate that there’s much more to come!!

Speaking to Custom Denning’s Manufacturing Manager Danny Mottley about the manufacturing facility, he had this to say; “We manufacture all the steel components for our production line here on site, and pack them into stillage kits for delivery to our production facility.

We do all our own in house cutting, laser cutting, CNC bending, aluminium welding, tig welding, mandrel tube bending for stanchions, seat frames and square tubing as well.
From the smallest of parts to the largest, it’s great to see it all manufactured right here, and then come together to create an entire bus, it’s fantastic.

I am also excited about us doing our own powder coating, which should be up and running in a couple of months, and with more good things to come, I can’t wait!”

With the new Custom Adventurer now in production and with Electric and Fuel Cell buses not far behind, the future for Australian manufacturing is surely bright!!