Custom Denning, A New Beginning!

Recently we have all seen the importance that locally produced products hold for our future. It’s quite clear that in order to help Australia’s resurgence and stimulate our economy, local growth in terms of local manufacturing and production, will go a long way to creating jobs which is critical, not only for our recovery but for our long term sustainability.

Over the last 8 months, Custom Denning have been working feverishly, designing new products with new technologies such as their new range of Zero Emission Buses, in battery electric (BEV), and Hydrogen fuel cell electric (FCEV) models. This is in addition to the School charter Adventurer and Low floor Endeavour buses.
All of these models are produced locally at the Queensland and NSW plants.

Custom Denning are also exploring the opportunity to export these products to offshore markets.

The company is currently refurbishing it’s facilities and growing is footprint with the addition of a “stand alone” manufacturing plant, installing new equipment as required, such as a Multicam CNC Routers, Accurl Benders, Laser cutters, Robot welders and a Powder Coating works to name a few, whilst creating a number of Australian jobs along the way, with the intention of creating more jobs in the near future.

With plans to further grow the QLD plant, Custom Denning’s new processes will also enable the QLD based operation to manufacture these buses in Acacia Ridge, creating more local jobs, and providing a better support mechanism for local operators.

With Zero emission buses high on the agenda for many governments around the world, it certainly seems to be the way of the future, and Custom are utilising the latest technologies to advance in this field.

The Element BEV and Element H2 FCEV buses will be available for delivery from the second quarter, 2021.

The Element (BEV) will feature a two-stage electric motor and solid-state batteries. The Element H2 will carry the same motor, with the addition of Hydrogen fuel cell and lithium ion batteries, with both models featuring the intelligent battery monitoring, advanced driver assistance, pedestrian and collision avoidance, and intelligent monitoring system with live steaming of data.

This Element range of buses adds to the Adventurer School / Charter and Endeavour Low floor city bus, and will surely take Custom Denning and their customers to the next level.

These new advancements have led to the companies new motto, A new beginning!!

To view the Custom Denning Element animation, please click on the link attached: