Element H2- Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Custom Bus Group Bus is taking the development of Zero Emission Buses in Australia seriously. The recently announced Element Electric Bus is being joined by another model, the Element H2.

This next step will see the introduction of Hydrogen Fuel cell technology to the Australian bus market and give the Element H2 a daily range in excess of 500km.

The Bus itself will share the Element chassis with the incorporation of the Hydrogen fuel cell reducing the number of batteries required for operation. This reduction in batteries will reduce the buses overall weight.

Custom Bus Group has partnered with global leaders in this technology, this experience in partnership with Custom Bus will ensure the bus is developed to the unique Australian conditions that the market requires.

The move will also further increase the knowledge and skills base of advanced manufacturing that Custom Bus is working to develop in Western Sydney.

It is envisaged that the first bus will be released for trials in November 2020.