Element, A New Beginning!

Custom Denning are primed and well on track for meeting government’s push to replace 8000 buses by 2030.

It was recently announced that the NSW government is embarking on ambitious bus replacement program that will see 8000 diesel buses replaced with Zero Emission buses by 2030. Custom Denning commenced their zero-emission journey in 2019, designing and successfully manufacturing four Australian Made, (BEV) Battery Electric Vehicles, with one (FCEV) Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle due for completion early 2021.

This is a bus designed and manufactured right here, with local roads, conditions and applications in mind! A premium Australian product suitable for the local market and furthermore a potential Australian export.

The “Element” prototypes were designed and assembled, addressing all barriers that drivers and operators deal with every day but beyond the purchase. Custom Denning have  been proactive in developing ongoing support mechanisms for the bus operators claiming that long term mutually beneficial partnerships is key to the success of all stakeholders, with driver training and technician upskilling in high voltage systems planned for 2021.

The Element (BEV) features Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) Solid State batteries. They do not contain any solvents, Cobalt or Nickel, and do not require a cooling system in order to operate sufficiently.
The batteries carry a 10 year warranty and can be recycled at end of life, negating the great expense of disposal, and reducing the impacts on the environment.

The drive system is sourced from Actia and is coupled to a dual stage electric motor which provides 3000nm of torque. Actia have been manufacturing modules, nodes, and electrical components for use in rail, cars, trucks, aeroplanes and buses for decades and are an authority in this field.

The Element utilises many components already in use and familiar to many operators, ZF for axles & steering components and Wabco for suspension & Braking, this means that apart from the high voltage systems, ongoing maintenance will be familiar to most technicians.

Full production models of the Custom Denning Element (BEV) and the Element H2 (FCEV) are due for release from April 2021.

For further information please contact Mick Neskes (National Sales Manager)  or Grant Mascord (National Contracts Manager).