Custom Bus Group successfully delivers its largest order into QLD with 31 city buses

Custom Bus celebrated last month the successful final bus delivery of its largest single order to date for a private customer, since the new management takeover – 31 buses to long established and family owned bus operator the Pulitano Group.

The final bus was an Endeavour 2 door low floor city bus, bringing to a close, the most significant order placed by the Pulitano Group in the last decade.

The 31 buses were all Custom 2 door low floor city bus models, built on a split between Volvo and Scania chassis, with 26 of the bus bodies built to the traditional tried and proven Custom CB80 model, and 5 buses built with the all new endeavour series body, boasting a new modern look with striking new headlights (easily accessed), larger destination board, chamfered removable rear corners, new age LED tail lights, a newly designed roof with gutter rails, Aluminium powder coated interior A/C panels, ergonomically designed drivers area, additional noise reduction for added passenger comfort, and a bundle of features that are sure to please drivers & passengers alike!

The new buses were ordered with specific delivery time frame requirements and were staggered over several months to meet the service delivery implementation dates.

The buses were procured and deployed to service growing areas in South East Queensland and Toowoomba to replace aged buses due for retirement.

The Pulitano Group, an iconic Australian bus operator with deep roots in Australian bus history, are highly regarded and respected Australia wide for their professionalism & strategic growth throughout Victoria and Queensland.
A pioneer in consolidating passenger transport bus services, the group is committed to providing reliable bus services for its service delivery partners and customers that are on-time, customer focused, safe, clean & comfortable.

In order to meet these commitments, it was critical that the Pulitano Group partner with suppliers that could provide results, operationally it was important that the group maintain its 400+ fleet consistency with a proven bus body that would complement their favoured Scania & Volvo Euro 5 and 6 chassis.

In selecting the right supplier to undertake the task of building the bus bodies, The Pulitano Group required a partner who could supply a proven 20 year life quality product, that was easy for its drivers and maintenance staff to operate, and be delivered within a specific delivery time.

Custom Bus Group was selected as the preferred supplier and successfully delivered!

Managing Director of the Pulitano Group, Adam Pulitano had this to say,

“With significant service growth and vehicle replacements scheduled throughout 2019/20, our group underwent a very ambitious delivery program with key suppliers over a very short time frame. When it comes to the bus bodies, we selected Custom Bus on this project for their extremely flexible and easy to deal with approach.

The team at Custom Bus had a commitment to being innovative and improving bus manufacturing techniques in Australia. They worked collaboratively with our organisation ensuring communication at every stage of the process. Overall the project was a success with the large number of buses all delivered according to specification and the tight schedule.”

Since its resurgence in 2018, Custom Bus Group has overcome many challenges with an impressive immediate impact on the Australian Bus body building scene.

Breaking into the Queensland bus market in partnership with a respected and long standing family business such as the Pulitano Group was a huge achievement and a great milestone for the new regime at Custom Bus.

It is what The Dunn Group hope will be a long lasting partnership that will continue for many more years to come.

With a continued presence in QLD (Denning), NSW & SA (Custom Bus Group), the Dunn Group has its sights firmly set on growing this Australian business further & plans are underway for additional production plants, & developing a larger network that will better support it’s customers Australia Wide.