Coach Midi

Boasting high parts commonality with the 2 axle coach, the Midi provides an excellent solution for smaller groups. The 6 cylinder Cummins engine (rated at 300hp) and Allison transmission ensures the Midi performs as a coach should.


At 9.7m long, the Denning Phoenix Midi delivers big coach quality and features in an economical smaller group transport solution.


This versatile vehicle is available in 45-seat school bus, 41-seat day charter and 37-seat touring coach configurations. Manufactured in Australia using locally supplied components, it can easily be further customised to fit specific needs.


The Denning name signifies proven quality, expertise and reliability. Our Midi is the only Australian-designed and built mid-sized coach in its class, ensuring it is uniquely equipped to handle our demanding local conditions.


Smart styling, engineering excellence and rugged dependability are backed by expert local service and product support, making the Denning Phoenix Midi a valuable fleet addition.


Length: 9.7m
Width: 2.5m
Height: 3.5m

Two Axle Integral Coach

The Denning 2 axle coach is available in lengths between 12.3 and 13.3m, and can be specified with a multitude of options making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. It offers a low tare weight and satisfies mass limit exemption requirements in all states.


The Denning Phoenix model was rst produced in 2005 and has received fantastic reviews. Based on American drive line and running gear these vehicles are well suited to the often tough road conditions of Australia, equally at home on the outback highways and also the city freeways. Each vehicle is custom built to suit the Fleet Operator’s requirements, with all engineering services and support provided in-house by Denning. Floor height can be from 1250mm up to 1500mm to provide huge bin storage area suitable for luggage requirements of long haul passenger transport and freight. Options for passenger comfort are extensive and include overhead parcel racks, video / DVD systems, airconditioning and carpet.


Length: 11.1m to 13.1m
Overall Width: 2.5 m
Floor Height: 1250mm or 1500mm
GVM: 18,000kg


Jig-built chassis modules made from welded tubular steel sections

Three Axle Integral Coach

The Denning Three Axle coach can be produced in lengths from 12.5m to 14.5m, with seating capacities between 46 and 80 passengers. Available in two different floor heights, it is also available with a dual-tyred lazy axle, providing the highest mass limit of any coach in Australia. Utilising the best heavy-duty running-gear, the Denning three axle coach provides years of dependable and economical service in the most demanding applications.


Like the two Axle Phoenix model these vehicles are based on American drive line and running gear to provide for long vehicle life on our often tough Australian road conditions.


Each coach is built to the specic requirements of our customers. Vehicle applications include long haul passenger transportand the highest luxury tourist operations. Vehicles can be built from 12.5m length up to 14.5m length and have up to 1700mm door height providing a massive amount of bin storage area. Options for passenger comfort are similar to the Two Axle Phoenix coach, which include overhead parcel racks, video / DVD systems and air-conditioning but can also include on board washroom, leather seats and even timber door panelling.


Length: 12.5 m to 14.5m
Overall Width: 2.5 m
Floor Height: 1600mm or 1700mm
GVM: 20,500kg or 24,500kg


Jig-built chassis modules made from welded tubular steel sections