Element – Our New Cutting-edge Electric Bus

The Element is an Australian designed and produced e-bus, assembled by Custom Denning, in St Marys, Western Sydney and provides a cost effective end to end approach for zero emissions mobility.


Element meets all the stringent requirements set by TfNSW, and in many ways exceeds these requirements.

The Element utilises many components already in use by OEM’s throughout Europe, which are tried and proven technologies and will offer consistency with standardising chargers and connection points, however the Element is also a pioneer in terms of battery & electric motor technology.


Utilising solid state batteries that are ahead of their time and designed to operate in harsher climates without the need of cooling systems, the expected running time on a full charge is approximately 16 hours (300km) dependent on operation / application. When fully expended, the complete battery charge cycle is expected to take approximately 5 hours.

The Batteries, with testing & trials conducted of in excess of 300 million km’s, are environmentally friendly and provide an economical end of life solution as they do not contain Nickel, Cobalt, or any harmful solvents, and can be easily disposed of or recycled. (Custom Bus Group can assist with disposal).

Manufactured on a light, robust, durably designed stainless steel monocoque chassis, the bus is complimented with a ZF undercarriage / driveline, and is built to withstand a 25 year dynamic service life.


Benefits and Features snap shot:

    • Australian designed and made.
    • 16 hours, (300Km) Operation between charges.
    • Environmentally friendly, high energy density solid state batteries with easy end of life disposal.
    • Approximately 80 passenger capacity through lightweight monocoque chassis design.
    • 25-Year frame design / expected life.
    • Cost effective replacement of parts, with lower long-term running costs compared to diesel.
    • Direct Drive dual motor with 250Kw – 3000Nm of Torque.
    • 12.5mtrs long.
    • 3.3mtrs high.
    • 2.45mtrs internal height.
    • 3CR12 Stainless steel frame.
    • Fibreglass front & rear with aluminium side panels.
    • LED lighting including headlights.
    • Wabco braking, EBS, ESP, ECAS & Stability control.
    • ZF axles & drive train.
    • Coachair Air Conditioning.
    • Ventura inward glide door system.
    • Telematics & on-board driver training / assessment capability.
    • Training and development courses for technicians & drivers.